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Fresh kombucha Infused with whole fruit & herbs in every bottle

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Made the right way

Kombucha Brewed locally with the finest ingredients

Kombucha is fermented tea that is not only delicious, but is  also amazingly good for your body! RocBucha is packed with antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins.  It provides immune system support, boosts energy, and increases overall gut health.

RocBucha uses only the finest ingredients, and you can see AND taste it right in the bottle!  Our kombucha is infused with whole fruit – no juice or extracts are ever added. All natural — nothing hidden.

Nothing Hidden

Our all natural RocBucha by the numbers:

0 grams sugar added

We never include any added sugars after the fermentation process. All the flavors in RocBucha come from infusing whole fruit and herbs in the bottle, resulting in a delicious and refreshing taste.


RocBucha has only 30 calories per serving, which is noteworthy as it has fewer calories per serving than most sodas, fruit juices, and energy drinks.


No Artifical ingredients

Our label speaks for itself – Nothing Hidden! All our ingredients are 100% natural, real and locally sourced when available. Furthermore, adding no artificial flavors or sweeteners ensures Rocbucha is an excellent healthy choice.

Boosts Energy+

Packed with antioxidants, probiotics, and organic enzymes, RocBucha is an excellent source of nutrients resulting in increased energy, immune system support, and overall gut health.

here’s to your Health

Beyond great taste, RocBucha’s offers positive health benefits :


Antioxidant found naturally in Rocbucha are scientifically proven to be good for the body! Consuming foods rich in antioxidants found in large amounts in tea - kombucha's core ingredient - can improve heart health and may lower risk of infections.


Kombucha is packed with healthy Probiotics, live bacteria and yeasts, that are great for the body. Through the fermentation process, kombucha creates millions of probiotics, giving the body a "dose" of good bacteria - especially beneficial to the digestive system.

Supports Immune Health

A significant component in a stable and resilient immune system is a healthy gut. Drinking kombucha can help balance the healthy bacteria and yeast in the digestive tract, therefore boosting overall immunity and gut health.


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What people who Roc-The-Bucha think:

It tastes delicious, with "NO BITE” afterward

I love RocBucha. It tastes delicious, with no “bite” afterward. I love that it comes in so many creative flavors, using local ingredients whenever possible.
Seasoned Kombucha Drinker
It's Great!!!

I didn’t think I liked kombucha, but RocBucha is the only kombucha I’ll drink. It’s great!!!

Kombucha Newbie
RocBucha is delicious!

RocBucha is delicious! It’s drinkable, local, and good for me!

Adventurous Consumer

handcrafting a naturally good thing

 –  Supporting Local Growers and Great Taste  –

Having fallen in love with kombucha during my travels, I decided to start making it at home as a healthy choice for my family. I wanted to brew the freshest, most delicious kombucha. My goal was to craft kombucha the way it was originally intended to taste – deliciously refreshing with a light effervescence and no sharp vinegary “bite.”   From a one gallon batch shared with friends and family, RocBucha became my passion. The phrase “Mother of Goodness” was coined to represent not only the delicious flavors my family loves but also the all-natural SCOBY (the Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast,  the “mother”) that provides the vitamins and nutrients that make RocBucha a healthy choice. 

From there my enthusiasm for delicious tasting kombucha grew, focusing on crafting new, unique, all-natural whole fruit recipes that use locally grown produce. RocBucha is winning over an avid following of fans with it’s “Nothing Hidden” approach and I hope we can win you over with our all natural, delicious and energizing whole fruit kombucha!


Heidi Vorrasi
All Natural Kombucha Brewer & Owner 
Rocbucha Kombucha LLC

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